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Italian AGB brand profile

       Alban Giacomo spa, AGB three English letters is the company's abbreviation. A gated hardware company named after the family name Alban. The main business covers modern large-scale enterprises of door control hardware and window hardware. Since its establishment in 1947, AGB's business has flourished and is the largest lock-and-lock company in the European market. At the same time, the factory's modern production line is also the world's most advanced lock cylinder production line. The high level of intelligence makes the industry amazed. In one of the 50,000 square meters of factory buildings, only 29 workers can complete the production business. Among the 29 people, management personnel such as logistics are also included. AGB has three production sites in Italy, with production bases in Logroño, Spain, Serbia in Bulgaria and Tianjin in China. The production base in Tianjin is for the production of window fittings.

       AGB was founded in 1947 by Giacomo-Fonda of the Alban family. It was then managed by Fangda’s sons George and Antonio, who were responsible for the hardware business of doors and windows. In 1953, due to the sharp increase in production, the original factory building could not meet the supply requirements at that time, and a new industrial plant was built at that time. In 1968, in order to facilitate the communication between European customers, AGB moved its marketing headquarters to Rome, Italy. Advanced technology, mature and stable quality. Make AGB products hot in the world. During the decade from 1980 to 1990, the share of AGB product exports was far ahead of the global industry. The market coverage in Europe and Asia is the highest in the industry. AGB always combines the application of technology with the quality of its products. From the original original industrial production to today's industrial 4.0 era. High quality and high efficiency, the machine instead of manual has been well used in AGB. High quality and high efficiency are the most basic evaluations of AGB.

       In 2000, AGB's fully automatic production line was officially put into production, and the output increased sharply. In 2005, it was completed and put into operation in the third plant in Italy. In 2008, the third generation of the Alban family took over the coach. By 2012, AGB had established four foreign production bases. The entire line of products covers the world. In 2015, Zhejiang Chaodai Hardware Co., Ltd. of China represented the lock body lock business in mainland China.
       The lock body of the AGB brand has the strict standard certification in Europe. Both quality and environmental protection are fully compliant with EU standards. In terms of safety and functionality, it is among the best in the world. The fully automatic production line and global market coverage make the AGB brand lock cylinders a must-have feature for the high-end door handle brand in the handle industry.
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