Introduction to the Salice Paolo brand

       SALICE PAOLO, the famous copper brand in Italy. Celis Paul has been working in the field of copper. For the past three decades, he has been producing copper fittings and door handles for furniture. The meticulous craftsmanship has created the excellent quality of the Cyrus Paul products. The professional production process has turned the brass door handle into a handicraft. Like most Italian companies, Cyrus Paul is also a named family-owned company. The company's history dates back to 1911, when it was a mechanical company and it was not large. Factors such as the outbreak of the Second World War led the later Cyrus Paul to switch to the bed of furniture. By 1986, the third generation of the head of Bruno officially used the copper ornament as the company's leading business. .

       Copper is widely used in Europe. Early furniture decoration, urban sculpture, lamps in life, handles, candlesticks, etc. The large number of applications of copper products has spawned an ancient traditional profession - the coppersmith. Celis Paul has a large number of old craftsmen who have worked for decades. The designer's hand-drawing, hand-carved wood, fine hand-grinding, etc., a piece of art-like copper products came into being. The Italian Cantu (place name) where Celis Paul is located has an art design vocational school, which solves the inheritance problem of the technical strength of Celis Paul.
       Cyrus Paul specializes in copper to create decorative hardware. Its products cover door handles, small handles, copper door handles, copper switch panels, door stoppers, clothes hooks, classical faucets, bathroom accessories, furniture accessories and so on. Its style is dominated by classical and neo-classical. The various products made of brass have been favored by designers for a long time. Cyrus Paul's copper products have been popular in the European market for decades. The unique texture and color of its hand-crafted brass surface speaks of art and luxury.
       Using traditional craftsmanship to create products by hand, this is one of the values of Celis Paul's artistic quality. Each product is crafted with fine craftsmanship. When the technology and craftsman culture are brought together, the quality and detail of the product will be fully expressed. The industrial revolution has been unstoppable with us for centuries. Nowadays, when enjoying the beauty of homogenous and efficient industrial manufacturing, the meaning of handmade products is more and more out of life. Gradually evolved into an artistic pursuit. A yearning for good things.

       Art comes from life. The design inspiration of Cyrus Paul is mostly from life, from traditional design, the fusion between ancient and modern, the feeling of neo-classical harmony, thanks to the designers of Celis Paul, such as Giuseppe Polli, who won the design award in Miami in 1966. One of the locks on the door lock of Selis Paul directly engraved the name of the designer Giuseppe Pepoli, which is a noble glory for the designer. The artistic style and fine workmanship are the artistic realm that industrialization cannot achieve today.

       One of the reasons why Cyrus Paul's products have always been hand-made is to give each product an artistic flavor. In fact, Cyrus Paul has numerous users around the world because of its artistry, and is one of the high-end hardware brands that entered China early. Therefore, Celis Paul also has a solid fan base in China. It is also one of the imported brands imitated by some hardware manufacturers in China. Most of the classic European style door locks are from the original design of Celis Paul. Designers, craftsmen, professional skills, skillful techniques. Every element is the unremitting pursuit of artistic quality.
       Handwork: The fine craftsmanship of traditional handicrafts and the craftsmanship of decades of old craftsmanship are the guarantee of high-end quality, and the craftsmanship of many links cannot be achieved by machines. It can only be done by hand. Such as the door lock signed by the famous Italian designer Giuseppe Pepoli.
       Art: The craftsmanship culture of Cyrus Paul is meticulous and meticulous. The art of craftsmanship combined with the artistic sparks of traditional technology is reflected in the products of Celis Paul. From master-level design drawings to hand-carved modeling to hand-crafting by old craftsmen, each link shows the artistry of Celis Paul.
       Classic: The products of Cyrus Paul are mostly classic styles. He is not a product of fashion, but the accumulation of history and culture in the past 100 years. The classic styles are like a master of the profound cultural heritage of the master. The classic styles give people a steady Breath.
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