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Italian Cali brand profile
       LINEA CALI, an Italian hardware brand with a high reputation in the world of hardware. Since 1986, Cali's designers have tried to give soul-based designs to rude functional hardware. Nearly three decades of experience in water and manufacturing processes has enabled Cali to use a variety of styles of materials to create a variety of styles: from Rococo to Art Deco, from leather to wood, from ceramic to Swarovski. Odd crystal. Cali has always strived to insist that the production of door handles can be as attractive as all decorative pieces. When the function and design are integrated, you can see how different a beautiful handle and a piece of brass are. The door handle inlaid with Swarovski crystal is a major feature of the Cali brand, and one of the few brands in the world to apply Swarovski crystals to the field of door control hardware. The design of the avant-garde trend highlights the style of light luxury. Cali's products are not only perfectly decorative, but also functional and practical. The zirconia-like surface protection treatment makes Cali's products resistant to wear, wind and time. For 30 years, Cali has been pursuing the quality of its products. Because each handle is designed and manufactured in Italy, it is unique and fully compliant with the requirements of the European standard legislation.

Swarovski brand profile
       In 1895, Daniel Swarovski, an inventor from Bohemia, took his vision and brought his newly invented crystal jewellery stone cutting machine to the city of Waldens in Tylere County, Austria. .
Since then, Swarovski has sprung up in the fashion world and has grown to become the world's leading manufacturer of precision-cut crystals, offering crystal elements for fashion, jewelry, lighting, architecture and interior design. Swarovski's crystal stone has been recognized as a high-quality, eye-catching and highly accurate embodiment of the world, laying the foundation for Swarovski's success. The charm of Swarovski is derived from the quality of the materials and the manufacturing methods used. As for the details of the unique system of law, it will not be disclosed to outsiders. Swarovski itself is an artificial crystal product, not purely natural, known for its cutting process and design. But today, this old and mysterious company still maintains a family-run business, passing on crystal crafts as a trade secret from generation to generation, monopolizing patents and awards related to crystal cutting.

Swarovski Strauss brand profile
       The swarovaki strass series is an early Swarovski product designed for other manufacturers (such as crystal lamps, clothing stickers, etc.), which has a swarovaki trapezoidal laser anti-counterfeiting mark inside. In the 1920s, European and American fashion circles began to wear skirts decorated with pearls and crystals. Seeing the emerging market demand, Daniel invented a popular stone belt in 1931, which was adorned with beautiful broken crystals that could be sewn directly on clothes or shoes. Swarovski's crystals have become popular, with top fashion brands such as Chanel, Gucci, and Dior, as well as movie companies and Hollywood stars. Since then, the company's product line has continued to extend to every corner that can be decorated with crystal. Today, visitors can learn how close these products are to people's lives by taking a turn around the "Swarovski Crystal World" in Wattens. In addition to fashion, shoes, hats, watches, jewelry, crystal decoration from Swarovski, the Metropolitan Theatre in New York, the Palace of Versailles in Paris, and even the crystal chandeliers of the Great Hall of the People are Swarovski's "STRASS".

       Swarovski has always used its brand advantage to gain more market vitality in cultural exchanges. Therefore, some companies in Italy and other countries, after Swarovski's inspection, meet their demanding process requirements, design requirements, production requirements and service requirements, can become a brand's licensed manufacturer. These products can reflect the unique design style of Swarovski crystals while maintaining the elegant and luxurious brand quality of Swarovski crystals. Swarovski crystal clear and pure purity, smooth and even cut surface, pure and beautiful color; Kali door handle delicate and round hand, nuanced workmanship, stylish and dynamic design, whether it is fresh and natural modern elegance, or luxury The classical style of the atmosphere, the combination of Swarovski crystals and Cali's handles, is enough to make a lot of interior decoration designers marvel.

Cali brand selling point

       Crystal: Elegant and luxurious decoration, it is also the world famous Swarovski brand. Combine the world's leading hardware brands with the influence of the Swarovski brand. Its decoration is widely known, and the embellishment in the interior space is a highlight of the entire decoration effect. Especially female consumers are more popular.
       Taste: The workmanship, luster and color of the crystal itself all reflect the owner's pursuit of high quality life. Consumers who choose crystal products have their own unique tastes and will not easily compromise. The neo-classical taste of fashion and luxury is also the pursuit of modern urban people.
       Fashion: Crystal items have a lot of loyal fans in the design and fashion world, such as British senior jewelry designer Stephen Webster and designer Patrik Fredrikson, etc. It is the leader in global jewelry design, and the latter is a representative of international avant-garde design. The products favored by world-renowned fashion big names will surely be the vane of fashion.
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