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German Muhle brand profile
       MUHLE, the meaning of the German mill, the door hardware brand of Germany Muller Co., Ltd. Muller by Jonas. Founded in 1976 in Hessen, Germany, Mr. Schwen is a family-owned company specializing in the manufacture of door handles and bathroom accessories. Mr. Shi Wen began to make metal products from the small workshop originally set up in the mill, and now to the son of Shi Wen, Marcus. A modern factory that Shiwen is at the helm. The success of decades has been based on careful design and rigorous craftsmanship. Current CEO Marcus. Shi Wen is bolder and innovative. As early as 1999, he put forward the concept of “global procurement, world hardware”. Integrate global high-end hardware resources to meet the different style requirements of high-end consumers. Since then, Muller has been producing brands and selling brands. In order to adapt to the high-end market, Muller has gathered the Italian godfather's handle brand SALICE PAOLO, Italy's leading design of modern style handle brand COLOMBO, Italy's light and fashionable Swarovski crystal handle LINEA CALI, the European market's first Italian lock Body lock brand AGB.
       Since 1999, the Muller brand has been based on the concept of “global procurement, world hardware” and integrates advantageous resources for the world. In 2002, it reached a cooperation with China's Zhejiang Chaodai Hardware Co., Ltd., and in 2008, it upgraded its cooperation to a strategic cooperation level. At the same time, it developed a series of products for the Chinese market, covering door locks, bathroom accessories, and large and small handles. The sales market continues to expand in major cities in China. At the Guangzhou Building Materials Exhibition in 2012, it caused a sensation in the industry and its popularity increased rapidly. In 2015, the collection of 9 high-end hardware brands at the Guangzhou Building Materials Exhibition once again made the industry fresh and refreshing with the overall image of the industry, and was highly recognized.

Muller production process

       All of Muller's products go through dozens of processes from design to production, and each process must undergo rigorous testing. The general process is divided into hand-painted first draft, manual sampling, three-dimensional sampling, sample modification, mold making, forging forming, machining, polishing, electroplating, assembly and packaging.
       Hand-painted first draft: The designer creates the graphic elements and design concepts in the form of hand-drawn manuscripts.
       Manually sampled: The engraving technician performs a real engraving based on the designer's hand-drawn manuscript, transforming the plan into a physical object.
       Sample modification: After the physical proofing, the designer repeatedly revise and confirm, and the creative team confirms the pass.
       3D sampling: 3D engineers build 3D models based on the designer's hand-drawn drafts and engraving samples.
       Mold making: After the designer confirms that the proof is accurate, the mold engineer makes the forging die.
       Forging and forming: The copper material is forged by a 1600-ton hot die forging press. After hot forging, the material density is high and the damage resistance is strong.
       Machining: After forging, the blank is processed to semi-finished products by CNC machine tools, grinding machines, punching machines, drilling machines and other equipment.
       Grinding and polishing: The German purple wax is processed one by one through the steps of coarse sand, fine sand, polishing, hemp wheel and cloth wheel to make the surface of the product smooth and bright.
       Plating and coloring: Electroplating is processed according to different color requirements. The nickel plating layer is made of rust-proof nickel, nickel, and bright nickel imported from Canada. Silver plated with Swiss original sterling silver plate. Electrophoresis closure is processed using original BASF materials.
       Assembly and packaging: the assembly and packaging process has been carefully selected after strict final inspection. Ensure that high quality products are delivered to customers.

Muller design concept

       Muller has already put forward the slogan of “Global Designer” before proposing “Global Purchasing, World Hardware”, and regards this as a design concept to meet the needs of users all over the world. Muller's team of designers from all over the world, designed to meet the different styles of decoration design. Pay attention to the warmth and the solemnity, and the personality is not lost. Under the trend of luxury decoration and simple Europeanization, Muller's products are even more unique. Muller’s design has always been original. Whether it is a new Chinese style, classical European style, modern simplicity, neo-classical style, etc., Muller's distinctive personality will definitely be the finishing touch of the overall decoration style.

Brand selling point

       Personality: Muller products have a distinct personality, do not follow the trend, do not compromise, the designer's keen eye will be the trend of the decoration style, after repeated twitching, the essence of the overall decoration style is concentrated in the hardware. The beauty of the space is unique, showing the owner's elegant taste.
       Original: Muller has a strong team of designers around the world, adhering to the original spirit shared by all European brands, dedicated to creating a personalized home improvement hardware brand. From all of Muller's product line styles, it can be seen that only originality can achieve a personalized luxury.
       Details: High-end positioning is bound to be the perfect positioning of the details. Products that are not in place will not be a high-end brand. The details are divided into product details and service details. Muller products themselves pay attention to product details. We pay attention to service details when selling, and good service details can improve customers' trust and loyalty to the brand. It can make up for the sales obstacles caused by customers' picky products.
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