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Cosmic, born in Barcelona in 1985, is a family business dedicated to manufacturing high-quality bathroom accessories. From the beginning, our task is to make high-quality accessories, so our product quality is higher than other accessories on the market. In 1999, our products were supported and recognized by Spanish distributors. This is the best time to start our international expansion. We have new business objectives, focusing on design and innovation.
With the coming of the millennium, Cosmic has become a benchmark brand, not only in the field of accessories, but also in bathroom furniture. As our position rises, more than 50% of our products are sold to other countries on five continents. In 2008, we signed an agreement with Roca Group to formalize our strategic partnership and ensure our leadership in bathroom furniture and independent accessories. In 2009, Cosmic took over pomd'or and positioned it as a leading luxury brand. Over time, the company has maintained its commitment to pomd'or, focusing on details. Growth continued, and just a year later, bathroom and shower modules were merged into the company, acquiring the famous Spanish brand Stildux.
In 2012, Cosmic aims to provide a more affordable market for bathroom furniture and practical accessories while retaining its excellent design. Quality and design are the cornerstones of our four brands.
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